Helpful Hints:


Refrigerator Tips-

Please do not alter settings when checking in. Three is the recommended setting to start. If you fill the fridge with (warm) groceries and turn the setting up, you will trip the relay and shut down the fridge. It will require re-setting. To do this you pull it slightly away from the wall and unplug for one hour. Do not open the door during this time. Plug it back in and set it on 3. After 1 hour you can turn it up to 4. Do not turn any higher. Only after you do this can we call a repair man.

In the event of spoilage, slips are required for reimbursement for spoiled items.


Antiscald Shower Heads-

If you do not have a mixing valve, chances are your shower has an antiscald shower head. You must turn on cold water first. Otherwise, there is a red button that must be reset by the shower head.


Trash Rules-

Trash pickup is Monday, Wednesday & Friday for most of the beach. Trash can be put out at 11pm the night before. Trash must be in covered barrels and you must also recycle using green bins provided. They do not pick up loose bags. If there is trash at your unit at check in, please put it out on Monday. You will be leaving trash for the next tenant as well.


Emergency Numbers

Fire 926-3315                                     Police 926-3333